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Squash Court

Squash Court

We are leading Squash Court Wooden Flooring manufacturing unit providing end to end solution for all Squash Courts including Hard Plaster, Glass Backwall System, Sound Board, and Squash Maple Wooden Flooring.


Technical Specification:-

The Surface Board: Made of kiln seasoned treated IMPORTED MAPLE WOOD finished with 21 mm thick, 55 to 90 mm width and in random length in tongue and groove shape. The edges of the boards will have a finger lock grove and the bottom side with air pass groove and treated with special anti-termite and water resistant lacquer.

The Under Frame: Made of PINE WOOD runners of 70 mm X 45 mm treated with anti-termite solution and fixed on the bottom side with 10mm Or 19mm thick Air-cushion pads by staple at 350 mm c/c.

The Installation: The IPS sub-floor to be treated with Acrostic and a vapor barrier of 1- 2 ml.(100 – 200 micron) thick to be placed on the leveled IPS sub-floor before lying the under frame. The runners having air-cushion pads to be placed on the vapor barrier in perfect level at 350 mm c/c in one direction. The surface boards will be screwed to the runners through the tongue only and will lock the screwed tongue by the groove of the adjoining boards. The ends of the boards will be locked by inserting the wooden fingers through the edge grooves and fixed with suitable adhesive. An expansion gap of 10 mm will be left open between the wooden flooring and the surrounding tiled area/walls.

The Finishing: After installation the floor will be machine sanded in uniform level and finished with Water Base PU lacquer. The Game line marking to be carried out in required colors before applying the finish coat.

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