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Box Cricket

A leading sports infrastructure developer in India. We are proud to offer High-Quality Synthetic Turf, also known as Artificial Turf for Box Cricket.

Technical Details
Our synthetic turf is made from a combination of durable synthetic fibers, infill materials, and backing materials, ensuring a realistic look and feels that mimics natural grass. Our products are designed with technical details that ensure maximum performance, durability, and safety.

Our synthetic turf is made from high-quality materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. These materials provide the necessary durability and strength to withstand regular use, while also giving the turf a natural grass-like appearance.

Our synthetic turf is supported by a variety of infill materials, including rubber, sand, and crushed stone. The infill provides cushioning and stability to the turf fibers, ensuring the best possible performance and preventing flattening over time.

Our synthetic turf is backed by a heavy-duty layer of fabric, such as polypropylene or latex, which adds additional support and stability to the fibers. The backing also helps to prevent the growth of weeds and other unwanted vegetation.

Our synthetic turf is designed to allow for effective drainage of water and other liquids, thanks to a perforated backing that allows for water to drain through and into the ground below. This feature reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents, ensuring the safety of athletes and other users.

Advantages of Football Synthetic Turf
Our synthetic turf is ideal for a range of applications, sports fields, and playgrounds. Our products are low-maintenance and offer improved durability and consistency over natural grass. In addition, our synthetic turf is environmentally friendly, as it does not require regular watering, fertilization, or the use of harmful chemicals.

Professional Installation of Football Synthetic Turf
To ensure optimal performance and durability, it’s important to have your Football Synthetic Turf professionally installed by experts in the field. At Max Sports, we offer professional installation services for all our synthetic turf products, ensuring that they are installed to the highest standards and provide a safe, reliable playing surface for years to come.

Grass we use for Box Cricket

  1. 50mm Turf
  2. 15mm Turf
  3. 10mm Turf

Along with Turf Installation we also provide services for nylon fencing net for Box Cricket. We provide Trunky Solution for Box Cricket Setup including Base construction, Light fixing etc.

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